Natural Tooth Medicines

Toothpaste & Rinse: Replace toothpaste with 2% Lugol’s Iodine (Iodine from the store is not the same, do not use regular iodine), put 2-3 drops on the toothbrush and brush teeth as usual. We also mix distilled water with a drop of iodine for him to rinse his mouth with. Rinse, Swish and Spit then Rinse, Swish and Swallow

Floss: With children it can be difficult to get them using regular floss, so we buy dental picks, Use at each brushing
NOTE: as per the holistic dentist, do not use floss with fluoride on it. The dollar store usually has these. Floss is best to use before brushing, or do a quick brushing with water to brush away any dislodged food.

Coconut Oil: Rinse and or Brush with natural coconut oil. This is a natural oral disinfectant that can help clean the mouth without alcohol or toxins. It also has a pleasant tastes. Oil Pulling (aka swishing) for 15-20 min will disinfect the whole mouth.
NOTE: I do the oil pulling once in a while, however my son never has, it made him gag the time we tried, instead we put some mixed with Olive Gold O3 – Ozonated Olive Oil Super Oxygen and Xlear Spray Rain Oral Mist Spray
on a cotton swab and he puts it in the areas of the decay and then all around the mouth.

Ozonated Water or Oil (O3): Ozone is known for it’s power in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well for stimulating healing. Ozonated water is more economical but holds the O3 for shorter time. Ozonated Oils can retain the O3 gas much longer. See coconut oil above for how we use this.

We use: Olive Gold O3 Skin Care Lotion – Ozonated Olive Oil Super Oxygen (it can be used internally and externally)
We have tried: Ozene Skin Cream and Deodorant by Premier Research Labs and PurO3 Fully Ozonated Olive Oil
Both of these he gags on, so we use it for skin healing and care.

MI Paste: Is a topical product that introduces minerals to the oral cavity and promotes absorption. It can greatly reduce sensitivity to hot and cold or after whitening. MI Paste can also promote Re-mineralization of tooth structure. Use a pea sized amount and apply to teeth with a finger or tooth brush.
NOTE: I’ve found most dentists sell this, which is a plus if you have an HSA account.

Multi Vitamin: Metagenics – Multi-Min Chelate: Minerals are essential for good overall and oral health. Today’s food chain simply cannot provide enough of what the body needs. This supplement has Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and other minerals bonded with Amino Acids to aide in absorption. This has MANY health benefits including Re-mineralization of tooth structure as well as reducing clenching and grinding.
NOTE: My son switched to this multi – MegaFood Kids One Daily Tablets

Probiotics: We use this probitotic regularly (daily or every other day), and when needed a high dose one for a week.
Regular: MegaFood Kids N’ Us MegaFlora Tablets
High Dose: Ortho Molecular Products – PRObiotic 225 billion CFU

Kombucha: About the only way I can get kombucha into my son is in a smoothie or ice pop. We make our own kombucha at home, more info on that in a later post. He gets kombucha in some form at least once a week.

E3Live Brain On: E3 Live is an all-organic superfood. It is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) wild-harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA. This nutrient dense superfood contains over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Our plant-based superfood is non-GMO, vegan and a rich source of chlorophyll.
He gets a serving of this 1-2 times a week in a smoothie.

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